From frustrations to the Luggage Hook™

A Real Short Story

We've always struggled with juggling our belongings while travelling. Between the passport, coffee, boarding pass, and the jacket it was always a mess. Those frustrations built up until one day, an image popped on Raphael’s my mind of some sort of a hook that is on the handle the Luggage to carry things. Raphael went looking for it on the internet and found nothing. That's when he decided to break off a piece of plastic of his backpack and asked Daniel, his roomate at the time, which then became co-founder and designer of the Luggage Hook, for an elastic ribbon to somehow attached that plastic hook on the handle of my luggage. And it worked. Was ugly, but did the job functional. That’s the first prototype of the Luggage Hook™.

At the time we did not know what to call it. Even the two word “Luggage Hook” were something we had to come up with. After months of design, development, testing, and over 20 prototypes, we finally got to a production ready and robust product that is built to last. Each prototype iteration brought us closer to perfection, allowing us to fine-tune every detail until we achieved an optimal design.

And that was a very summarized short story of how to we went from frustrations to a product, we call Luggage Hook, which we hope to be an added value to all travellers around the world.

Our Team

Based in Munich, we are on a mission to bring convenience to travellers all over the world. With the introduction of the Luggage Hook™, we’ve finally put an end to the hassle of bulky and inconvenient travelling and are looking to keep on innovating and solving problems in the space.

Co-Founders of Luggage Hook

Raphael & Daniel

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